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Basic Skin Care

If you already use a multivitamin daily, take the natural next step in multivitamin care with NouriFusion® MultiVitamin Skin Care. These skin essentials provide basic nutrition and basic care to help keep your skin looking and feeling great.  

Items in Herbalife Basic Skin Care

Helps tone without drying.
Day moisturizer with broad spectrum sun protection.
Light day moisturizer protects and controls shine.
NouriFusion Night Cream
NouriFusion Night Cream
Provides long-term moisturization.
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Rich moisture for delicate eye skin.
Reduces under-eye puffiness.
Removes impurities that leave skin looking dull.
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Herbalife moisture mask
Herbalife moisture mask
Deep hydration for dry parched skin.
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Helps control oily shine.

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